It is time to Re-engineer Your Thoughts to grab the best of 2023 and beyond. It is time for a Retreat for your mind, body and spirit after a period of uncertainty and fear. It is time to get ready for a big leap….

3 Days & 2 Nights THOUGHT RETREAT

With Sajeev Nair (Founder of Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR))

Dates will be announced shortly

These 3 Days will decide your next 3 Decades

If you are in the path to self-discovery, your search ends here. Thought Retreat will give you answers to all your questions like:

  • Why even after putting in hard work, I am unable to achieve all my dreams?
  • Is there a factor called ‘LUCK?’ If so, is there a way I can create LUCK?
  • How can I get my brain function at the highest performing level?
  • How can I be in control of my emotions rather than emotions control me?
  • Why do I get distracted very easily? Is there a scientific way to maintain focus and attention without getting distracted?
  • How can I enhance alertness, focus and memory so that I can perform at peak levels in all areas of life?
  • Is there any scientific ways to attract people, things and incidents to me, which can make me, lead my dream life?
  • How can I manage my emotions and thoughts through Biohacking; by taking charge of my physiological functions?
  • What are the scientific processes to attract wealth with purpose into my life?
This 2 Days Thought Retreat will give you absolute answers with clarity on all the conflicting thoughts and ideologies, which are blocking you from your progress in life.

Thought Retreat

Syllabus :

  • Know your brain and how it functions
  • Science behind Manifestations and practical applications
  • Creating luck using scientific techniques
  • Manage own emotions…manage others’ emotions
  • Thoughts become magnets
  • Food – Thoughts – Emotions
  • Change physiology- Change thoughts and emotions
  • Create new neural wiring
  • Enhance attention and focus.
  • Better sleep and relaxation

Methodology :

  • 3 Days intense immersion sessions
  • Meditations
  • Work book exercises
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Interactions
  • Creative Visualization

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Thoughts create your world. And hence by changing your thoughts, You are actually changing your world. The fact is that your brain generates the thoughts based on the inputs it has been receiving through your senses since you were born on this earth or even a few months prior to your birth; All that you heard, seen, read, touched, smelled and tasted.
Hence the thought which you currently possess is the outcome of years of programming which has been carried out in your brain knowingly or unknowingly. In order to change the way you think, literally you need to re-engineer your brain at the Neuro level. Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR) is a unique program, which helps you to Re-engineer the neural wirings. It helps you to create neural pathways in your brain, which can have a permanent and lasting effect on your thoughts.


This Retreat provides you solutions for some deeper level questions:

  • How to break bad habits and come out of strong limiting beliefs, which are pulling you down?
  • How to enhance your Concentration , Memory , Alertness and Focus?
  • How to sharpen the ‘Gut Feelings’ using scientific processes?
  • How to re-engineer your brain’s neurology so that you get positive and productive thoughts?
  • How to create meaningful coincidences in life which can lead to fulfillment of your dreams?
  • How to attract the universal powers to create the life you want to live?
  • How to attract innovative business ideas and disruptive business models?


The following are the benefits that you achieve from TPR:

  • Attract wealth & health using spiritual principles & scientific methods
  • Learn techniques from Indian ancient wisdom to manifest your dream life
  • Create meaningful coincidences leading to success in life
  • Break the barriers between Materialism and Spiritualism
  • Break bad habits and create good habits for advancing in life
  • Scientific methods to eradicate worries and manage stress
  • Creative thinking process for Innovation in Business
  • Choose the Career/Profession best suited as per your Neuro Cognitive Behaviors.
  • Insights to food and nutrition for maintaining a powerful and creative brain.

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First level is realisation. How thoughts are generated? Why two people perceive the same thing differently? Why some people always think negative? Why do we fear? What happens inside the brain when we think? Here you will realize the science behind thoughts. A common man's version of neuro science is used for this.


Thoughts lead to words,actions, habits, behavior, character and your destiny. Hence to change the destiny, we need to re-engineer the neural wirings and pathways. In TPR scientific tools and techniques are used for this re-engineering.


You can create your world by re-engineering your thoughts. Manifestation is real. Using some powerful spiritual principles supported by quantum science, TPR empowers you to manifest the life you want.



An absolutely scientific approach to lead a meaningful life and to manifest all that you want in your life